Department of Neurophysiology

Welcome to the Department of Neurophysiology at Oita University!

We are focusing on finding the new, essential function of bioactive molecules related with obesity, stress and some other metabolic diseases.


 Our goal is to gain new insights into the novel, an essential function of bioactive molecules or neuropeptides, and develop the effective treatment for human diseases based on our finding mechanisms.


  To achieve our goals, we are making full use of multi biological technics including genetic editing, genetically engineered mice or zebrafish, behavior monitoring, imaging, molecular biology, and develop and analyze in vivo models with “gain of function” or “ loss of function” for the candidate molecules. These techniques enable us to find the new function of the molecules, the complexity of human disease and identify the novel therapeutic strategies.


  Currently, our research interests are obesity (feeding behavior and energy metabolism), stress response and novel fundamental function of neuropeptides, orphan GPCR, and some other bioactive substrates. 

  Neuropeptides, Energy metabolism, Feeding behavior, Stress response, GPCR, Central Nervous systems.

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    Department of Neurophysiology

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