• Oita University Faculty of Medicine Department of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics.


Clinical Pharmacology is an interdisciplinary study with the aim of establishing a rational approach to pharmacotherapy. Recent scientific advancements have allowed for the development of new drugs with new Mechanisms of Action.

While these drugs have a great many beneficial effects, there is also the risk of adverse effects, depending on their usage.
Lately it has become clear that genetic polymorphism is directly related to the individual difference in efficacy of drugs.
At present, it is socially demanded to enforce safe and effective pharmacotherapy by determining drug efficacy through scientific drug evaluation and appropriate dosage design.
By using cutting edge technology in genetic pharmacology, as well as pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, concentration effect relational modeling, drug metabolism, drug delivery, and considering such factors as age, sex, liver and renal dysfunctions, our Clinical Pharmacology department is promoting the research of tailor-made medications.

Our department, the first of its kind in Japan to belong to clinical medicine, has been a part of the Oita University Faculty of Medicine since the beginning . Our university hospital has an outpatient clinic in the Clinical Pharmacology Center (Pharmacotherapy and Theraputic Medicine).
Also, lead by the Clinical Pharmacology Center, the Oita University Hospital was the only one selected to operate in Western Japan to be the Core Clinical Research Center for promoting clinical research (including clinical trials).
As the project leader, I'm working hard to build the infrastructure of the Core Research Center.
As part of this project, Oita University Hospital has established a specialized facility: the Clinical Trail Unit. This is a first among the national universities.
Clinical Pharmacology is the science behind pharmacotherapy and will help to provide evidence.
We hope to contribute to the development of pharmacotherapy through drug discovery and development, staff training and international collaboration.